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CrackerJackCrackerjack 1034

Superman 1024 and Crackerjack 1034 were both bred on Wendt Ranch.  Superman 1024 made a terrific impact on both the Wendt herd and on Santa Gertrudis herds world-wide.  Superman's son, Superman 1378, was a National Champion Bull in South Africa.  His grandson, Superman 1818, was a National Champion Bull in Brazil.

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Performance Records
All Star
All Star is one of two Santa Gertrudis purebred bulls found out of thousands tested world-wide to carry GeneSTAR 3 Star Marbling,
4 Star Tenderness, and 8 Star Feed Efficiency.

Performance Testing has been the backbone of the success of this Santa Gertrudis cattle operation.  Only gain-tested bulls have been used in this herd since 1958.  Dan operated a commercial feedlot in Markham, Texas for 17 years and all his keeper bulls were gain tested there.  They have also been tested at King Ranch, Luling, Goliad, Phillip Couch's, and other locations.  All bull calves are closely evaluated at weaning for cleanness, conformation, structural soundness, muscle, and testicle development.  Top herd sire prospects are put on 112-day gain test, DNA for quality, tenderness and feed efficiency tested before gain test.

Extensive records are also kept on females.  All calves are weighed at weaning and measured for frame scores.  Yearling heifers are bred to calve at two years.  Fertility and milking ability are musts at Wendt Ranch.  The Wendts have records on Santa Gertrudis females in their herd 19 years old with 17 consecutive calves.

Private Treaty Sales

Replacement Females - We have sold the 2014 heifers.  We currently have over 140 heifers calved from December 2014 to April 2015, which will start weaning July 2015.
Bulls - 20 bulls from the Navasota test with vital data for your breeding program, including:  WEANING WTS, 205 DAYS ADJUSTED WT, ADG ON TEST, FEED EFFICIENCY, LBS OF FEED PER LB GAIN, PLUS ULTRASOUND INFORMATION FOR CARCASS EXPECTATIONS.  All virgin bulls, birthdates from December 2013 to February 2014.  Give us a call at 979-245-5100 to come see them!

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Semen Sales
Partner 5273 (pictured to the left) - Polled with small scurs.  Actual weaning wt. 720 lbs., 205 adj. wt. 638 lbs., 112-day gain test 4.01 lbs. per day gain, wt. per day of age 3.02 lbs., weight at 14 months 1300 lbs., scrotal 38 cm.  Grand Champion Houston 1977.
Semen listed below stored at Brushy Creek Custom Sires.  For information and purchase contact:
Gene Kubecka          Phone 979-240-5311          E-Mail
Superman 1024
Founder of the Superman Bloodline.
Limited supply, $50.00 per Straw.
Superman 1377
A top son of Superman 1024.
Superman 1818
Grandson of 1024, Grand
Champion National Show Brazil.
Crackerjack 1034
Founder of Crackerjack Bloodline.
Muscle Man 3960
A Superman 1818 Son, the "dirty butt" bull used in ads by SGBI
and Wendt Ranch.
Ben Hur 5520
The Marathon Bull, has placed top in shows in Brazil

Semen listed below stored at Bovine Elite.  For information and purchase contact:
Carl Rugg          Phone 979-693-0388          Fax 979-693-7994
Partner 5273
Grand Champion Houston.
Semen sent to Australia.
Sheriff 5577
A son of Partner, both
produced many Jr. Show Heifers.
**All Star 5876**
15 Stars.
Smaller birth wt. calves.

Upcoming Consignment Sales




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